There are several ways to save SHSH on your device, but I’ll recommend this way, especially if you’re using unc0ver jailbreak.

Request APTicket

  1. Go to and fill the form
  2. ECID
    you can found it by open unc0ver setting
  3. Device
    what is your device
  4. iOS version
    i’ll recommend to select “All Signed”
  5. AppNonce
    you can find it by add “” repo and install “system info” tweaks
    ssh to your device (you can use NewTerm as well) and type “nvnonce -n” on your terminal
    copy the ApNonce and paste it on SHSH host form
  6. Generator
    you can leave it by using default generator from the unc0ver
  7. Verify captcha & submit (click Request APTicket)
  8. Finally, SHSH already saved on your currently signed iOS
    download and save .shsh2 file

Verify SHSH

There’s one more thing to do, check your SHSH is valid or not

  1. Go to
  2. Upload your .shsh2 file
  3. Select device and iOS version
  4. Verify captcha & click verify file
  5. Now you may know your SHSH is valid or not

I’m testing this way using iPhone 11 iOS 13.5 with unc0ver jailbreak
If you need help or have any question, you can leave reply bellow or join on our AmS1gn Support Group Discussion on Telegram

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