Reseller Program

What is it?

AmS1gn provides a member get member program. It is a featured program that will help you to earn some money and help your friends to use AmS1gn as their private sign services. Just do the following instruction below :

1. Invite your friends
2. Register on
3. Click "Order Now" & fill the form

4. Get fee 15-25% / device

Terms & Condition

1. Everyone can become a reseller
2. Make sure your friends fill in your telegram username in the referral section
3. After your friend registered, we will contact you to transfer with the price detail below
- iOS = 27000 IDR / device
- iPadOS = 45000 IDR / device
4. Registration & transfer process usually less than 24 hours
5. This program is not valid if it does not meet the requirements in points 1 & 2

Last update on 20 Agt 2020 1.30 PM GMT +7